Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rotation Order

1) rin >jen>manu>noko>beth>juan>(wil)>rin

2) jen >beth>(wil)>manu>juan>noko>rin>jen

3) beth >juan>rin>(wil)>noko>manu>jen>beth

4) juan >noko>jen>rin>manu>(wil)>beth>juan

5) noko >manu>beth>jen>(wil)>rin>juan>noko

6) manu >(wil)>juan>beth>rin>jen>noko>manu

(7) wil >rin>noko>juan>jen>beth>manu>wil)

Ornament and Crime

I finished the entry into my own book and sent it off to Beth! The colors are horrible, le motif girly, but hey!from now on i can only get better.
Here are two links to get a little insight on the "ornament and crime"-theme.
grteets from jen!