Friday, December 19, 2008

the finished version.

which I am carrying in my bag for days now and every evening I discover that I once again forgot to go to he postoffice. Im sorry, jen, i will do it tomorrow, promised : )


jen.ben said...

Nice!! like always, you´re great with colors.
about sending it off: shame on you! :) if you haven´t sent if off yet, take your time. i´m going home to my parent´s place for christmas and new year, so i won´t be able to pick it up by the way, merry christmas to all of you!

rins said...

thanks : )

haha, well i díd go to the postoffice the next day, so now it will have a lonely christmas, poor thing : )

have fun at yr parents place and have a great new year!

Beth said...

ok, this is gorgeous...really. Jen, I'm done with yours, but it needs a couple final touches and then it's moving on. This is really fun.

merry christmas molyites!

noko washiyama said...
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noko washiyama said...

Wow This is sooo lovely!

Wil Freeborn said...

wow, this is amazing, a great start