Wednesday, February 4, 2009

next one off to manu

yesterday i sent rins moly off to manu, so he can finish all those molys in a row. he said he´d get to them soon.


jen.ben said...

once again it´s quiet on our blog. nothing really interesting happens until manu gets to those molys..

Anonymous said...

I haven't got juan's moly yet.... I'm bit worried.

rins said...

your package looks cool on top of David : ). is my name not on the paper because its my moly? because when it isnt i'm heartbroken...: )

still no moly in my mail, but i am sure everything will be oke.

hang in there Manu!

jen.ben said...

this one is yours, rins. i just didn´t want to put all the addresses on the internet. just mailed with manu and he said he finished his entry and will send it off soon. noko, has juan already sent it off?