Thursday, January 22, 2009

noko's new moly

Hello guys!

I sent my new moly to Manu on Monday. 
I hope it wouldn't get missing this time! 


jen.ben said...

well, i hope it works this time! i´m a little worried because everyone is about to send a moly on to manu, who hasn´t said anything at all. it´s always the same people posting here! juan, manu, what´s up with you guys?

rins said...

hope it works too! its way too cute and beautiful.

oh and i am sorry jen but could you please send me a mail with the rotation-order again? (no idea what i did but i have seem to lost it..i'm not very good with computers...)

jen.ben said...

hey rins, i posted the rotation order on this blog, you can look in the archive. but i can send you a mail too, just to be sure :)

jen.ben said...

i´ve been mailing with manu and he tells me he received one moly from australia and one from the us!!

noko washiyama said...

yaeh!! Thanks so much for the great news jen :)