Monday, January 12, 2009

Say good by to noko's moly....

I sent my moly to manu last month (on the 12th of December), Manu hasn't received it yet..
So yes, I'm sorry guys I think it went missing somewhere in Spain.
I'm getting new Japanese moly tonigh and will do the new one as soon as possible.

good bye my moly. hello new one.



jen.ben said...

oh no..i hope the animals with hooves are not lost! maybe it´ll still resurface.
at least we can admire the scans :)

juan_h said...

hi guys! hope you had (or are having) wonderful holidays and vacations. I've been totally offline... well, i'm back and my moleskine is out this week. I'm sorry i couldn't send it before.
Hope you understand... well, i like this group and trust you and don't mind some inactivity. This is fun for me and i wish for you too.

noko, i'm sorry about your moly! there must be a way to get it back.

Beth said...

i think my moly to juan got lost too! I sent it at the beginning of Dec. Jen, how did you send yours to me? it got here really fast. maybe the cheapest IS NOT the best?? grrr!!!

juan_h said...

beth! wait, maybe you can track the package. I mean, here we have the worst mail but even the cheapest option allows some tracking.
i'm sending you my address again (e-mail) so you can check it

jen.ben said...

i know that some routes just take much longer, from europe to s.america can take about 4 weeks. europe to US is always real fast, you just have to take care to send it via air mail. beth, maybe you chose the by land option by mistake - that´s always the cheapest (and can take up to 3 months)

rins said...

Noko, i love it, i also hope we can still see it in real live. But I am sure the new one will be great too!
And I hope yours will eventually arrive too, Beth. Like Jen says, it cán take months sometimes.

rins said...

Oh and Juan, its still fun for me too : )