Thursday, January 29, 2009

I sent mine to Manuel too!

This is a great video from TED (I can't explain TED, but you can check it out yourself...great time waster!) anyway, just a little fun for our "tidy" artist friends!

Ok...I sent my moly on to Manuel on Monday too... I sent it priority international, but the PO guy said you couldn't track that either. The only way to send it internationally from the US and have it tracked would've cost me $25! Hey, I like you guys, but not that much! Supposedly, priority should only take about 6-9 days. The PO guys told me that "Argentina and Spain were both 3rd world countries"... what?! Since when?!

So, Manuel: ya better pipe in or you'll have some moly women on your butt! And Juan: did you ever get my moly??

Hey, life is seriously crazy, so I think we have to just let this moly exchange move along as it will. I'm still excited about it and all of the work we've done is BEAUTIFUL. If it takes a year, it takes a year...



rins said...

hahaha, thanks beth for the funny swiss guy!

"Argentina and Spain were both 3rd world countries"... what?! Since when?!"
hahaha thats ridiculous! according to himself or to the rules of the postoffice? (maybe they "tidied up" the world..)

and you are right, Beth. first that $25 is too much. second that life ís seriously crazy and i too still lóve our moleskines and i am not in a hurry. just curious.

a moly-hug, rins

juan_h said...

no beth! didn't arrive. I'll let you know as soon as it does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the video Beth.
I hope it works this time!
moly love :)

jen.ben said...

beth, you´re right about the shipping, it´s expensive enough. i´m not in a hurry either, i just want to know what´s up.

jen.ben said...

seems priority is working! manu tells me he received it!

Anonymous said...

nice! I was bit worried about it. Thanks jen :)