Thursday, January 15, 2009

moly mailing

Here's a picture I took of my backyard's 20 degrees BELOW zero, an unreal kind of cold.

I did a bit of post office research and found out that International First Class Air Mail Parcels do not have tracking numbers and are considered "low priority" (ie if they fall on the floor they stay there). You can find out when you brought it to the P.O., but after that it's on it's own. I think the best way for us to send them is Priority Mail, that way it's "not so low priority" and you can track it throughout it's journey. I sent Juan my moly First Class (which to me implied FIRST CLASS!) and God only knows where it is right now. (Juan, I did find the tracking # and all it said was that, yes...I did bring it to the post office on 12/8 at 1:15pm.)

I think I'm going to re-do mine and if Juan gets it then we can just have one more going around the world. Manuel, I didn't send Jen's bc I wanted to check on this mailing deal so I'm sending it Priority to Spain.

I love the new photos of your moly's! Maybe when we're done you could all send me photos of the progress, maybe some of where you live and I'll make a cool slide show out of it!



juan_h said...

hey, i'm sure it'll arrive! ok, first class - maybe Moly is drinking some Martinis up there :P
Anyway, i like the idea of a backup moly in the rotation, it'll be fun

juan_h said...

hey, wait, -20 degrees in your backyard!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
I'm working on with my new moly too. :o
your backyard looks so beautiful. :)

jen.ben said...

i wish there was more security to moly mailing! i´ll have that priority thing in mind. so if i count right, manu will soon get about 3 molys to his house!

rins said...

What a beautiful photo, wish I could have a little walk in your garden in the snow. (allthough.. -20 degrees!!

hope all goes well with the molies and to see 2 of Beth and 2 of Noko. Makes me almost want to another one as well : )

good luck btw, Manu : )